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License Compliance

Software License Compliance is focused on avoiding ‘under-licensing‘, by ensuring compliance with license entitlements – often with (inadequate) focus on the number of licenses as compared to software deployments Link IT compliance controls and assessment activities according to your specific regulatory requirements. Schedule automatic assessments based on predefined criteria and checklists Our services are:

  • Software licensing compliance
  • Royalty and licensing management
  • Channel (reseller and supplier) reviews

Cost Savings

Costsaving measure means any facility improvement, repair, or alteration or any equipment, fixture, or furnishing to be constructed or installed in any facility that is designed to reduce energy  In recent years, software firms have shifted from a sales model (where software is owned outright) to a licensing model (where software is licensed on a long-term payment basis). Such licenses can become a costly and potentially permanent overhead – placing additional strain on your already stretched IT budget

Contract Management

A contact management system lets you sync all of your contacts to one record, stay on top of your networks, and communicate in real-time. Additionally, you can view conversation history and filter your network into contact lists by title, industry, relationship to your business, and a range of other attributes and custom fields.

Improved customer service

With all-in-one contact management, customer service agents can deliver better performance with less effort. They’ll have easy access to a centralized contact list, complete with detailed records of past cross-channel customer interactions, and receive task notifications and follow-up reminders. All this contributes to improved customer experience, reduced churn, and customer loyalty.

Discvoery Invetry

Discover and inventory in real-time all your IT assets connecting to your network. Now you can have accurate and actionable insights into all your hardware and software assets and your cloud and edge environments in minutes. ​ ​

Its cloud-based normalization and reconciliation engine coupled with active and passive discovery technology helps improve return on assets, resolution times, security, and overall asset performance

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