Information Technology Enabled Services

QTEK IT Most Prominent ITES Solution Providers

QTEK IT provide a range of IT-intensive processes and services, which includes  and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), provided from a distant location and delivered over. QTEK IT focus on verticals such as content management, finance and accounts, research and analytics segment. QTEK IT includes:

  • Telemarketing Helpdesk Customer Support Centres Data Ware House Transcription Centres GIS Mapping for Transport tracking Electronic Distribution.
  • Back office operations -data entry, data conversion including finance and accounting and HR services.
  • Transcription/Translation services
  • List Item

Maximize your savings


By visually representing energy data, companies operating in the utility sector can make impactful changes and increase efficiency.

Live data and updates

live data and updates in real time Users can view data from up, mid, and downstream sections in a single dashboard To see the impactful results.

Customize the charts

They can customize the charts to visualize everything from the number of active wells by region to the conditions of specific pump stations.


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