How to plan a problem/solution white paper

  • Planning: For white papers, planning is even more critical. Without an effective plan, your white paper has a poor chance of attracting leads, building recognition, or generating a strong ROI.
  • Writing: Our services are designed to save you $$$ and get better results than if you tried to do it yourself or work with a less-experienced writer.
  • Checkups: We also provide you with our fixed-fee quote for following our recommendations to revise your white paper. Of course, you are free to do these revisions with your own resources, or to look for another writer to use our list for guidance.
  • Revisions: Our team can handle revisions Our Wow! revision service starts with a deep analysis of your white paper draft. We create a detailed report on its strengths and weaknesses, and offer our best thinking on how to improve it.


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